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Think of this place like a velvet rope private club for good people.

Usage Agreement

To use this server you agree to follow and be bound by the following:

Do not threaten or advocate the initiation force.

  1. Do not spam, scam, doxx, distribute malware, or username squat.
  2. Do not impersonate people. Parody accounts must be marked as such in their bios.
  3. No one under 13 years old.
  4. No government employees of any kind including law enforcers.
  5. No commies. This is not a joke.
  6. Do not violate US magic spells (laws).
  7. Do not do anything that might make us interact with any form of law enforcement (gross).
  8. Put content warnings (CW's) on NSFW posts so that people that dont want to see it dont have to.
These rules may be updated at any time, check back often. Severe or repeated issues will get you suspended or banned. This is private property. You are not owed due process, though we will try our best with the time we have available.

We dont have a lot of admins -> because we dont need them -> because the people on this server are generally good people -> because the people that arent get banned -> because we dont have time for drama -> because we dont have a lot of admins. See how that works? :D

We have real life productive stuff to do and dont want to have to allocate a bunch of time to moderating a bunch of drama. Block people you dont like. Dont escalate with people breaking the rules, just let us know privately.

There are hundreds of other servers that put up with drama this isnt one of them.

Help make this a better place for Voluntaryists!

How to Support the Server

The server hardware will be scaled with the number of people supporting it each month. If we start getting maxed out on capacity without funds to upgrade we will have to stop allowing new registrations and cull old unused accounts until the situation improves.

The current monthly funding goal is $50.

If you'd like to support the server (thank you!) options for that will be coming very soon.