Server invites are now open! Find the good people out there and invite them. You can create invite links in your settings. (see image)

You may be held responsible for the people you invite if they shit up the place so dont just go spamming invites everywhere plz.

Think of this server like a small private club with a bouncer out front letting people through a velvet rope and your vouching for good people to let them in.

Feeling lonely on the new server until more people join? You dont have to! You can follow people on all servers anywhere!

1. Check the Federated feed to see people from other servers that you follow.

2. Check the Profile Directory for a list of people from all over the world that this server has seen around.

3. Browse other servers for people you want to follow. For example check out this link to a server with many liberty users on it to follow:

Remember that if you want people to be able to find you to follow you you need to list your account in the directory with this checkbox in your settings.

Voluntary World

Welcome to Voluntary World- a mastodon server for all liberty lovers!