The World Economic Forum has come out and said lockdowns are a good thing.

And the Guardian ran a headline saying global lockdowns are needed every two years to meet Paris Climate Agreement goals.

Leviathan. There is no controlling it, fixing it, mitigating it's evil. No one is virtuous enough to make it good. There are no magic spells, sacrifices, or songs, that can conjure the demon into an angel. The only solution is to destroy the monster.

This is a gotcha. Either admit to your crimes or prove yourself guilty by disagreeing with it.

Whoever wrote this can't even conceive of good people having honest ideological disagreements.

For me this is just one more addition to the pile of evidence that State run education should be dismantled. I don't want authoritarians of any stripe to have the power and backing of The State to push their agendas.

vp Biden on Afghanistan, 2012- "We will leave in 2014"

potus Biden on Afghanistan, 2021- "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

War is not a bug of empire, it's a feature. Forever war IS the goal. You can replace faces, but the Leviathan's goals remain.
Foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond May deadline - NATO sources

International troops plan to stay in Afghanistan beyond the May deadline envisaged by the insurgent Taliban's deal with the United States, four senior NATO officials said, a move that could escalate tensions with the Taliban demanding full withdrawal.

Worst thing about this is that these grown-ups, don't care about the real damage done to kids if it advances their political ideology. If the purpose of math is not finding the correct answer, then what IS its purpose?

Oregon Promotes Program Focused On ‘Dismantling Racism In Mathematics,’ Says Finding The Right Answer A Sign Of White Supremacy

The Oregon Department of Education is promoting a program for teachers that seeks to “disman[tle] racism in mathematics,” alleging that focusing on finding the right answer is a symbol of white supremacy.

We are launching Black History month for 3rd graders in Toronto with online speeches about white privilege and supremacy in Canada.

The speakers keep addressing black children only. It has been going on for nearly an hour (my son is 8)

It's clearly liberal indoctrination.

I can't believe how regressive progressivism is. My kids will be home schooled or moved to another system next year

216 unsolved murders in Hillsborough County, Florida, but thank heavens police are spending their time entrapping these dangerous unlicenced handymen!

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler PEPPER-SPRAYS man after being confronted for ‘not wearing mask’ at local pub, audio recording captured

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprayed a heckler in the face after the man accused him of dining without a mask at a local bar. The mayor has since filed a police report on the incident, of which there is an audio recording. Read Ful...

As you watch the inauguration with its thousands of armed National Guardsmen, consider this: No politician wields power without the threat of violence. For all their talk, they love guns--but only in the hands of their enforcers and protectors.

Today is abolitionist Lysander Spooner's birthday! He was born on this day 213 years ago. He advocated for everyone's liberty. #LysanderSpooner

I made this in honor of the great Lysander Spooner's birthday. I'm so thankful for the life, work, and courage of this man, whose work has been a huge influence on my life and many others.

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