My wife was just charged with disorderly conduct for politely telling pigs no when they demanded she wear a mask. I am ready to go live on a sailboat at this point. Humans have become a bunch of micro-tyrant nanny weak scared sissy bitches.

For those interested -- here is the Disenthrall telegram group:

WE is mostly none of YOUR business. Fuck right off.

A lot of people misplacing blame on this... The mob didn't ruin Dr Seuss. The Dr Seuss publishing company capitulating to the mob ruined it on their behalf.

We are pleased to announce one of two debates we are hosting for Anarchapulco! LIVE March 8th @ 5 PM CST!

Larken Rose vs Joshua Smith!

Is political action philosophically and morally consistent with being a voluntaryist / libertarian?


Douglas did nothing wrong in forcibly evicting contract violating tenants. Everything he did beyond that is the fault of the government agents that forcibly prevented him from a normal non-violent eviction that he had every right to do.

I hate to break it to you but if you only upload to YouTube you are not an independent creator anymore. You are a subject of the editorial rulings of your parent corporation.

2nd announcement:

The uncensored THIS IS RETARDED masks are now in stock and available in our store here:

I am proud to announce that Walter Blocks Defending the Undefendable 2: Freedom in All Realms is complete and published everywhere (except audible -- waiting on their approval).

Links to all the locations you can get the audio book right now are here:

Juggalos are facial recognition surveillance resistant... for.... now.........

I'd like to announce Voluntary.One -- a replacement email service backed by ProtonMail for Voluntaryists and Liberty lovers. I have managed to match their pricing and even provide their pro level VPN for $2 per month.

Check out for details.

It's going to be 68 in 4 days. I love Texas.

I'm pretty sure nuclear power plants wouldn't give a shit about some cold weather. Thanks hippies... How many of the homeless we fed this year you think aren't going to make it outside tonight? A blood sacrifice on the altar of environmentalism... Again...

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