Libertarianism is NOT a political party. It is a principle.

People getting butt hurt over libertarians running as democrats or republicans (in NAP compliant campaigns) are precisely wrong.

People demanding you shut up about the conclusions of that principle deserve derision.

This server is going to be disbanded soon for lack of usage on the Mastodon network in general. Save your data if you want it!

Thousands of hours of human life span being squandered in real time by the LP as usual.

They would create more liberty as a charity and outreach org. You do not create liberty through politics. You create liberty by TAKING it.

Today's brightest minds are succeeding in spite of their college educations. They instead carry it with them like old war wounds draining their bank accounts and poisoning their views of reality.

If you're not following the new Disenthrall Too: Think Time channel for daily philosophy reading and introspection youre missing out! Were in the middle of Seneca & talking about humans being vastly more than the sum of their parts when working together!



Basically if its not a sea shanty I just dont want to hear it at this point. Rephrase it into a shanty and I'll pay attention.

I wanna share a super secret about how I specifically protect my children from the critical race theory mind virus...

I keep them the fuck away from public schools.

That's it. That's the secret. Think of it like a brain mask that actually works to prevent the infection.

I am careful to not platform medical information cause it would be irresponsible of me to endorse info that might harm people.

Corporate media and social media censored info on hydroxychloroquine because the orange man promoted it. They interfered in all of us getting medical information that may have saved people from harm.

The blood I stress over making sure I dont have near my hands is the blood they bathe in. These companies are your enemies. Dont use sites that censor!

I am thrilled to announce another audio book performance! Shepard's Anarchy Exposed: A Former Police Officer Reports on His Investigative Journey

Available on Audible now!

I had a blast recording some of the character's in this upcoming video game! :D

Rebellion Gaia out on PC 30th of June

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