I dont think I did well in this video cause I hadnt ever thought of what I was doing with rights as an attempt to develop a moral philosophy... I'm an engineer -- what I do is break problems down into pieces and start solving and assembling them.

The foundational questions around is to ought seem unanswerable, the conclusions as to what the consistent equations to use for plugging into actions judgements has been discovered in the NAP... So that left the middle connecting piece.... "What are rights themselves?"

I figured I could do good work on that silo. Maybe someday someone will connect it to a foundation. Maybe that isnt even necessary. No foundation anyone would find would somehow make it actually function on people without their will for it to do so... So maybe that piece of moral philosophy is just not needed?

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One out of my last 4 videos is not broken on @bitchute

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A Boomers Guide to Connecting to Matrix with Shepard


A slow paced guide to connecting to a Matrix / synapse server using the element client made for people that are not techies.

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